Composer and multi-instrumentalist Clyde the Blynd, formerly Clyde the Slyde, is the definition of a real scrapper. Clyde is the hard-working Bay Area musician that brought us Dogslyde in the 90's, co-founded Papas's Culture and played with CVdub at local Bay Area venues for 15 years. After suffering a stroke in 2013, Clyde worked arduously, with a relentless stick-to-it attitude that has brought him back stronger than ever.

During his recovery, Clyde conquered paralysis on the left side of his body (which included his embouchure) and had to re-learn almost everything from scratch. "When I came out of my 9-day coma, I couldn't even tie my shoes, much less play trumpet or piano," he explained. Now hee's back and badder than ever with his newest group, Clyde the Blynd. Expect his original compositions, both old and new, plus songs from Don Cherry, Wayne Shorter and Augustus Pablo, and many more in this latest version of Clyde's unique vision.